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This Gorgeous Flight Attendant is proud to sell Fishball in the amidst of C0vid19 while Airlines stop Operation

These flight attendants never ashamed to sell Fishball and doing different things to somehow earn without thinking about her salary as a flight attendant because Airlines all over the world stop operating.

One of them who went viral on social media is this beautiful lady.


Meet Lorie May Parungao, a Pan Pacific Airlines Flight attendant. In this pandemic, many of us stop working or they lost their jobs because of the virus threat. But this lady never stops thinking about how to sustain or to give support to her family. That is why Lorie decided to do some extra effort, by selling fishballs and other refreshments. Because Lorie is the one who’s making money or the breadwinner of her family.

Lorie Parungao shares her inspiring story to everyone:



“Kinalakihan at kinasanayan pagtitinda kailanman ay hindi ikakahiya.”

Despite this C0vid19 pandemic has affected almost all countries around the Globe. Especially Airlines, Food, and Beverages industry. Nothing can stop me from continuing and look and provide the best for my family.

Fishball business muna habang lockdown, ito ang bagay na nagbuhay sa aking paglalakbay patungo sa pagiging Flight Attendant. Maraming salamat sa aking mga magulang na ako ay inyong minulat sa maraming kasanayan sa aking buhay na maidadala saan man at kailan man.

From a simple family vendor and a farm earning family, di ko kailanman ito ipag-kakaila. Hanap buhay pa rin para sa pamilya at pinakamamahal na anak.


Never let your Past Experiences be a hindrance to your future and dreams.

Always be grateful for all that have happened in our lives. It will be our fuel for our dreams. Never forget where we came from, it will always lead and teach us to aim and soar high.”


Meanwhile, it’s not just her who made something different while having no work this pandemic. There are more beautiful and handsome flight attendants circulated online seen selling or doing their own “diskarte” to somehow earn today.

Here are some of them:

Let us use this story to inspire us that even in our darkest days, always have faith and hope. And always believe in yourself.

We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this very inspiring story.


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