Netizen who give comment to Pauline Luna’s daughter is now begging for her forgiveness

We always heard the common saying of “nobody’s perfect” which is very true because all of us are just HUMAN.

Since we say nobody’s perfect, we sometimes commit mistakes and we ask for someone’s forgiveness because we accept our fault. However, saying sorry to someone is not always easy because of our pride or ego.


But once we knew that our move is wrong or not acceptable for everybody, I think we should not justify nor defend our actions since we offend somebody instead, we should be humble and apologize to our wrongdoing.

Recently, there is a post from Mr.Patrick Walter Harris wherein it became the talk of the town to the social. So savage of his mouth to judge someone’s physical appearance and the involved person was the daughter of Mr.Vic Sotto.


He posted to his social media the picture of the family of Vic Sotto and give caption ” Pangit na bata.” and that is the start of the trends and reaction from the netizen.

After posting this and received a different negative reaction to some netizen, he urges to sent a private message to Ms. Pauleen Luna.

Pauleen warned him and say she will sue him after he criticized the look of her daughter.


But it seems that this Mr.Harris has a strong personality that he doesn’t get affected and able to post their conversation of Ms.Luna. hmmmm….

Funny thing, after a few days he is now begging for forgiveness of Ms. Pauleen Luna and post his words of apology for what he has done.


But then again, not all the people will believe at you that is why he receives mixed reactions and comments from the netizen.


Written by ADMIN

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