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Jason Francisco enjoys collecting “kalakal” around their neighborhood


Netizens praise Jason Francisco while collecting “Kalakal” within his neighborhood.

Melai Contiveros and Jason Francisco started their love story inside the “Pinoy Big Brother” house.




Melai and Jason were meant to meet each other. Or they are destined to meet even though there are thousands of people who want to join PBB. They were meant to join the same season of “PBB”. And destined to marry each other after 3 years.



As we remember, the couple’s relationship went through a lot of trials.




They bravely opened up about why they got back together after deciding to go their separate ways for 6 months.



And according to Jason, when they were separated, the time makes them stronger and makes them fight for each other and for their kids.



But at the end of the day, they lived happily and now they have 2 beautiful kids.


The couple shares their everyday journey through their Youtube Channel.



And for their latest vlog entry, Jason tries to collect plastic bottles or simply just “kalakal” around their neighborhood.


Jason wants to know how much he can earn by collecting their neighborhood’s recyclable materials including plastic and bottles and sell it to a junk shop.



Jason decided to start collecting Kalakal from their backyard and then stroll around their neighborhood.

His neighborhood was happy while Jason is doing this challenge.

On the whole time, Jason seems to enjoy what he is doing. He even pokes a joke every time he speaks with their neighbors.

In the end,  after all the strolling around his neighborhood, he finally decided to sell all of his “kalakal” in a junk shop and earned forty-five pesos.

Even though he earned a little. Jason said that he enjoyed the challenge while doing it.


He even lauded all those “mangangalakal” for doing such great with their job.

You can watch the whole challenge video below:


Written by AdmiN

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