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Jake Zyrus revealed his regrets about the decisions that he made in his life


Jake Zyrus opened up about the decisions that he made in his life, recalling the time that he was still “Charice”

When he looks back at old videos of him—in dainty dresses and belting out power ballads—he does not see himself, but a different person.




“It’s like watching my little sister,” quipped recording artist Jake Zyrus, who was previously known as Charice.



But the 25-year-old singer, who announced his new name in social media isn’t out to completely erase Charice from his life. According to Jake, he’s simply letting her go to give way for the person he has been all along.




Changing his name was just one of the early steps in his “journey” as a transman—in his journey toward becoming “complete.”

And just recently, Jake had an interview through a digital media conference.



At first, it’s all about his new achievement.


He bagged a top award at the United States International Film and Video Festival.

The “Jake and Charice” documentary.




At the said conference, Jake was asked about his regrets in his life decisions.

He then described it as a roller coaster ride.

“Regrets. I can’t count. there’s so many, parang roller coaster na din po kasi, sometimes iba naisip ko,” he quipped.



He then added that he also regrets that he has been discovered before as Charice.

“I regret being discovered as Charice, or minsan I wish na discover na ito na ako, para hindi na ako nahihirapan.”



He also added that he’s glad those regrets happened because he gets to realize who he really is.

“So many regrets… siguro po noong hindi ko pa nare-realize na ‘yung regrets na ‘yun will turn into something beautiful,”



Charice decided to be Jake Zyrus back in 2013 when he made the revelation.

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