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Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi Hid The Past of The Actress From Their Twins

As the old saying goes, “walang sikretong hindi nabubunyag” it seems like this celebrity couple had to reveal something out of the closet.

Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi recently shared something that would really be a surprise for their twin Mavy and Cassie.

Recently, BB Gandanghari has been making noise on social media. With this, her past with Carmina Villaroel when she was still Rustom Padilla was brought back in the present.


As their fans all know, Rustom and Carmina got married before BB come out as another person in 2006.

On the other hand, Carmina got married again and found her “the one”, Zoren Legaspi. They had twins Mavy and Cassie.

It turns out that Carmina and Zoren kept the actress’s past from their twins. Their reason was they want to protect them as they are too young to understand back then.


They also revealed that at first, they hid the truth that they are not married yet. To recall, Zoren prepared for a surprise grand wedding for Carmina in 2012.

But now that their kids are growing up and are in the right age to comprehend what’s going on, Carmina and Zoren finally decided to tell them the truth.

In a previous interview of PEP with Zoren, he said,


“We wanted to tell them sa tamang paraan at sa tamang panahon. Sa pagkakaalam kasi ng kambal, kasal na kami ni Mina sa isa’t-isa. Tinago talaga namin hanggang hindi pa nangyayari ang matagal ko nang pangako kay Mina. Ayaw din naman naming ma-confuse ang kambal kaya hindi muna namin sinasabi,”

According to Carmina, maybe the right time has come to finally speak up with their twins. As the issue about BB is making rounds again. Carmina added,

“Kaya tamang timing lang na nangyayari na ang lahat ng ito sa amin. Parang sign from God na kailangan sabihin na namin sa mga bata. It’s best nga naman na maging open na ako sa mga anak namin–tungkol sa nakaraan ko kesa sa ibang tao pa nila malaman, di ba?”

Meanwhile, BB admitted that she truly loved Carmina, and if will be given a chance, she will definitely court her again as Rustom.


Do you agree with the couple’s decision of keeping it a secret to their kids?


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