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Actor-Turned-Senator? Coco Martin For Senator In 2022?

How true that the Ang Probinsyano lead star will run for the senatorial race in 2022?

There are many actors who turned politicians in the Philippine industry. It is not really surprising when most of them won the election.

But this controversial actor is speculated that he has a plan to run for Senatorial race in 2022.


Recently, Coco Martin went to the good office of Lito Lapid.

In an article written by Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) Chairman Lito Banayo, a close friend of Coco Martin told him that the actor had visited the Senate to ask Senator Lito Lapid for advice on politics.

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Banayo has been told that Martin is planning to run as mayor of a city or municipality in the Philippines, but Lapid has offered some advice to his showbiz colleague to make his alternative career easier.


“You see, friends were egging him to make a run for a coveted mayoralty post come 2022.  But conferring with his “pinuno,” he was advised to seek a Senate seat instead.” 

According to the source, the former co-stars of Ang Probinsyano talked about the life of Coco outside the showbiz.

There are some friends of the actor who influenced him to run for mayor in 2022.

But Lapid advised him to run for senator instead.


Lapid then allegedly said “Mas madali ang trabaho ng senador.”

Prior to this, Coco went to Lapid to ask some advice for the new twists of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano since it made its comeback to the television, instead.


As of this publishing, Coco Martin has yet to confirm if the speculations are true.

As we all know, Coco had been a hot topic when he expressed his side on the shut down of his home network.

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Unlike on his TV guestings, the public has seen a version of Coco who was so furious and full of anger.

Meanwhile, the ABS-CBN has made me their Television comeback through their new channel they called a Kapamilya channel.

Some of their shows are already airing like the noontime show, It’s Showtime and primetime series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Anyway, is Coco Martin really planning to run for Senator in 2022?

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