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Meet the woman whom Sam Milby considers as his “biggest blessing”

Like any other, hunk actor Sam Milby also has his so-called guardian angel, whom he considers as his biggest blessing.

You might see this woman on several photos already with Sam, over the last 12 years. For those who didn’t know her, you will mistake her as one of Sam’s loyal fans.

You’ve definitely seen this woman with several photos being with Sam Milby, for the last 12 years.


Yet, this lady is more than just a supporter. Meet Nene Limosniro Sam Milby’s greatest gift on his entire career.

Little did you know, Nene is Sam’s personal assistant. With that, she had witnessed and experienced some of the luxuries of Sam’s life.

Like traveling abroad together, sitting in the first class.


She met all the actors and actresses with whom Sam worked with, like Angel Locsin and Jericho Rosales, to name a few.

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When Sam was still new on showbizness, he could barely understand and speak Tagalog. Nene was eager to support him in every way she could.

Even in his love life. She is always honest about how she feels about every woman that Sam likes.


Moreover, her thoughts are more important for the actor because he knows she is only out to protect him.


In August 2018, on Nene ‘s birthday, the singer/actor devoted the sweetest Instagram post for his biggest blessing.


“I got lucky from the start. My assistant for over 12 years na, I couldn’t ask for someone better. Napakahusay, maalaga, #1 defender.”

Going back on Sam’s interview in the morning talk show Magandang Buhay, the hunk actor liberally describes her.

“Isa sa mga pinaka biggest blessings sa buong buhay ko si Nene,” he stated. Sam genuinely feels thankful to have her as part of his family. “You are someone na habang buhay ikaw ang family ko,”

Because of this, Nene couldn’t help it but get emotional.

“I love you, Nene. You’ve been such a big blessing sa buhay ko talaga. Alam mo ‘yun,” 

How about Sam’s love interest today? It seemed Catriona Gray has earned Nene’s approval after the actor seemingly confirmed that he and the 2018 Miss Universe are dating.

After 12 years of working together, Sam and Nene ‘s relationship is ample evidence that their bond is more than just a profession, but a family.

Very lucky indeed!






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