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Pokwang Slams Back On Bashers After They Attacked Her Physical Appearance Calling Her ‘Pangit’

Pokwang didn’t mind spending time on answering the negative comments of the netizens about her.

When it comes to argument, we have this thing called fallacious arguments. It has many types but most people fall in argumentum ad hominem.

It is when someone attacks the person and not the argument itself.


And it seems like most of the bashers are like this, especially in this case.

Recently, Pokwang has been in the clash against her bashers after the netizens threw harsh comments about her.


One of the incidents was when a netizen called her daughter Malia, a ‘m0ngg0loid.’

But this time the basher attacked the physical appearance of the comedian.

On her Twitter account, Pokwang posted questioning the government for mass testing.


“Totoo po bang walang magaganap na mass testing?? as in WALAAA???”

“salamat po sa pamamahala ha…. wooooo sana 2022 na!!! sarap na bumoto ulit!!!”

Afterward, Pokwang posted again that it seems like she is spitting some words against a basher who might be related to her.

“ang Pangit mo Pokwang! Bobo KA! mukha kang unggoy! epal ka!” the basher wrote.


Pokwang then hit back saying that the basher shouldn’t look in the mirror so he can’t see an ugly monkey.

She went on saying, “di bale nang pangit di naman ako napatalsik sa work dahil sa dr*gs hahahhaa”

The comedian didn’t anticipate that more is yet to come. It seems that the hate comments didn’t end there as she posted again in the middle of the night.

On Wednesday, May 20, Pokwang questioned why the bashers insisted he was “stup!d” and “ugly.”

Meanwhile, Pokwang was talking about the lack of mass testing for C0VID-19 in our country. While for some supporters of the government, they go against Pokwang saying that what she is implying is wrong.

What can you about this?


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