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“It’s a dark place.” Julia Barretto admits that she is dealing with anxiety disorder:

People might see us smiling and happily doing things we usually do, keeping ourselves in the most positive way.

However, not all of us are showing what we really feel inside. Maybe because we don’t want the people around us to worry. Or we don’t want to ruin the good composition we wanted others to have.

Apparently, Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto is one of those who chose to hide what’s really going on to her.


In a Youtube video posted by Julia last Sunday, May 3, the actress revealed having an anx!ety disorder for already five years.

Julia, 23, was accompanied by her younger sister, Claudia in the said podcast.


“It’s such a sensitive topic, and it’s a part of me that really absolutely nobody knows about. So few people know.” 

According to, there are various types of anx!ety disorders that are considered “mental illnesses.”

These include panic disorder, social anx!ety disorder, phobia, and general anx!ety disorder.

The most common description of these is that there is a great deal of fear and worry, whether triggered or not.


Claudia also revealed having a mental health condition like her sister, and her advocacy is to raise awareness about mental health.

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On the other hand, Julia further explained her situation: “IT’S LIKE A DARK CLOUD”

According to her, this condition is not easy, especially when she first experienced it because she did not fully understand what it was like.


“I think there are certain things that really hit it or, like, triggered it. It’s just, like, one day you get it.

“The first few days, the first time you get it, you don’t understand. It makes you so frustrated.

“Like, ‘What’s going on with me? I don’t know what’s happening.’”

Julia also details her feelings when she is atta’cked by anx!ety.

“When I get atta’cks, I can’t move, I can’t talk. I’m always just staring, and I’m not aware anymore what I’m doing, or, like, what others are doing.

“It’s like I’m under this really, really dark cloud. People try to talk to me, talk me out of it.

“When they ask me what’s happening, what’s wrong, it’s like my tongue can’t move.

“I really can’t, and it makes me so frustrated, because you’re trying to get a word out, just one word, and it won’t come out.”

Julia also reiterated that she had been attac’ked by anx!ety once, but the person she had told anout it didn’t understand her.

“There’s this one person who saw it was happening to me, and the person was just saying, ‘It’s all in your head, you can do it. You can get out of it. Just don’t think about it.’

“It made me so, so, so furious. I really got so mad because if it really was just in my head, I had total control over this thing. Why would I want to be going through this?

“I wouldn’t wanna be going through this because it’s a super difficult situation, it’s a dark place.”

According to Julia, this condition should not be underestimated:  “It happens to a lot of people. I’m not just making it up.”

How true that Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson are just hiding their true relationship for the sake of their careers?

With this revelation, netizens applauded Julia for being very open. Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

Watch their podcast here:

What can you say?

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