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Does John Lloyd Cruz Missed Bea Alonzo? Their Exchange of Comments Instagram Sparks Kilig

Are you still a fan of Bea and John Lloyd’s love team? If so, here’s a Bea-Lloydie moment to brighten up your day!

John Lloyd and Bea’s loveteam became one of the most favorite and well-loved in the entertainment industry.

Their movie ‘One More Chance’ in 2007 undeniably marked in our hearts. It became a massive hit and after eight years, they able to do a sequel entitled, “A Second Chance”. As expected, this also made it to the blockbuster.


However, it’s been already almost five years since Popoy and Basha had been together in a project. Fans are now wishing to see them together once again.

Apparently, the longing was quite answered recently on social media.


On Instagram, Bea and John Lloyd exchanged ‘kilig’ comments with each other.

It is after John Lloyd accidentally liked one of Bea’s post from February 2019.

The photo was taken in a boat when Bea had her vacation in Coron, Palawan last year.

John Lloyd commented on one of the actress’ photos from April 13. He was using his another account, @dumpsitegallery.



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Maybe it’s not just about finding yourself, maybe it’s creating yourself that matters. 💡 #btravels #coron

A post shared by bea alonzo (@beaalonzo) on

“Huyyy @beaalonzo,” John Lloyd wrote.

In which Bea responded, “@dumpsitegallery 2019 pa tong post ko ah, bakit ka nagbbrowse sa ig ko?”


In defense, Lloydie told Bea that he just accidentally clicked on it.

Bea then teasingly said, “sabi mo eh”

To which she followed, “may na-miss?”

The only reply of the actor was an emoji with a zipped mouth.

Bea continued to tease him, “halata eh”

“Bawal ba?..” he replied.

And then Bea said, “hindi naman.”

When John Lloyd didn’t reply, Bea commented again by saying, “ay seen na lang, ganyan ka.”

And the most kilig part was when Lloydie replied, “tampo agad. Dm kita”

This is where the conversation of the love team ended.

Many netizens have read their ‘kulitan’ moment and they couldn’t help but feel kilig.

As known to many, Bea and John Lloyd became a love team for a long time. It was from 2002 to 2015.

Their friendship still remained even JL had an indefinite leave in his showbiz career in 2017.

In a past interview, Bea revealed that they didn’t lost contact at all.

For a time, the actor chose to live a private life in Cebu and became distant even on his fans.

In 2019, he came back in public again when he had a project with Bea.

They were also spotted together in public for a few times, one was in September 2019, where they sit next to each other while watching May Himala: The Musical.

But the most that made noise was when they were reunited last February 14, 2020, in Art Fair Philippines. They teamed up again for the live script reading of That Thing Called Tadhana.

Since then, their fans teased them saying, “kayo talaga ang itinadhana.”

Here are some of their comments:

As of now, both Bea and John Lloyd are single.


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